A Host Of Roofs, All Under One Roof covering!

Lengthy gone are the days when the only predicaments plaguing the minds of pupils were troublesome coursework and drawing all- nighters. Times are such that even safeguarding great marks doesn’t ensure a smooth admission procedure. Actually, portions and grades flag off a whole lot of other problems- the most popular amongst them being the contentious issue of having a space over one’s head as well as four wall surfaces around oneself. This becomes an also greater issue when one factors in the realities as well as figures. A study that subsumed the top 20 universities of India in regards to enrollments suggested regarding 5 million trainees that go to the edge of obtaining higher education. Out of this whole lot, merely 63% (46% neighborhood pupils and 17% that avail of institutional lodging) have their real estate needs taken care of. Near to 83% of outstation students continue to be in the lurch relating to accommodation as well as count mainly on PGs and rental flats. Among all these fears, after that, it’s no shock that India’s GER stands at a pitiful 18%, as compared to the substantially greater 26% international level.

It would certainly be risk-free to theorize that the above shows a large market whose demand is being fulfilled lower as well as minimal by the really non- clear institutional holiday accommodation allotment. The different given by unregulated rental market- with its sub par solution, prevalent exploitation and also fragmented details- leaves large range for extreme transformation by an extremely digitised system in this sector.

Enter StudentAcco, India’s first 100% students-only accommodation site that brings all the PGs and rental-flat lodging in the student-centric hotspots of Delhi-NCR under one roof covering to facilitate a notified, swift and also clear deal. It’s a new age online collector that proffers impressively greater than 25,000 holiday accommodations that vary throughout a huge selection of measurements and also requirements.


StudentAcco can be seen as donning the function of an online counterpart of an extremely trusted, innovation driven and significant broker that looks after identifying appropriate residential or commercial properties, bargaining with property owners and also accumulating verifiable data concerning the stated residential properties. In doing so, it efficiently develops a solution shipment platform that cultivates rise in standards concerning student accommodation out there.

The onus of searching, shortlisting as well as selecting is what eventually drops on the customers i.e. the pupils. StudentAcco curates such a substantial list of homes that it caters to a set of concerns, containing but not limited to set you back, service standards, ease as well as security. What’s more if that it doesn’t desert the pupils publish these initial actions. There is complete succour given with relocation- ins and also relocate?-? outs, paperwork and also upkeep.


StudentAcco repairs a host of issues. It counters the acute lack of trainee homes and even the inate bias against allotting lodgings to the young area. Using an intermediate amalgamated platform diminishes the danger of cash being waived in the hands of volte-face middlemen. Immaculate accreditation of properties satisfies the safety related concerns of parents. This contentment is additionally enhanced with the 24x7 helpline services given by StudentAcco chaperones.

This one of its kind linked system makes use of strong vendor organization as well as highly-developed technology to get over small physical ground connect. Hyper-local concentration gives way to far better quality of residential properties and services. Charging no brokerage firm as well as listing lodgings that are very easy on trainee’s purses break all financial obstacles. All these go on to proof just how Studentacco has its finger on the pulse of Gen Y pupils and giving them with what they need in addition to what they desire.


To declare that the benefits of StudentAcco are unidimensional would certainly be a gross misinterpretation since these branch out to greater than simply the pupil community.

As students today are most likely to check locations on the internet, this incredibly cutting-edge market model honors homeowner with far better than ever occupancy which after that equates right into 20-30% higher services. It takes over the majority of the straining work on their behalf, such as that of renter confirmation, rent out collection and all legal materiel. Operating in unison with such an organised player brings about added reputation and utilisation of even more developed infrastructure and intelligence.

Capitalists, as well, stand to obtain greatly based on income stream from rental compensation and also touching of specific niche market in the organised industry which’ll be supported by intensive brand name differentiation as well as durable marketing.


In making the gigantic leap from formerly being a student housing facility to having actually metamorphosed into a collector listing accommodation, StudentAcco encounters no residential competitors currently. It additionally has a side over comparable worldwide endeavors as it’s the only one on house ground and also can hence make certain extensive physical evaluation.

The site displays a selection of genuine graphes that provide a virtual tour to the to-be occupants. Unlike various other deceitful resources, these photos are clearly devoid of exaggeration or eye-washing. Hence cachet is most valuable for those that schedule without personal trips. Via the website, individuals can compare numerous accommodations and also even call proprietors for clearance of questions. StudentAcco itself lends an ear to all kind of queries coming from the pupils that can be posed through the site, and ensures that the concept of’ caution emptor’ is upheld.

Comprehensive summaries of bordering locations, information concerning energies as well as help with residential concerns and disputes with property owners are various other frills associated with Studentacco.


At the heart of its several bells as well as whistles lies StudentAcco’s genuine wish to house the student community. And to house them well. It endeavours to overfill all inquiries related to housing at a single click of the finger. It’s case of understanding its target market inside out discovers adequate support in its offering of contemporary centers like Wi-fi solutions, gaudy but durable home furnishings as well as verified flat friends. This is, certainly, along with primordial amenities like food and also safety.

While transitioning into adulthood, unpredictabilities and also concerns are par for the course. However housing need not necessarily cone under this purview. It shouldn’t ruin otherwise excellent university plans. No much less than a pupils’ messiah, StudentAcco is bound to progress, boosted by its proclivity for creative solutions, steady economic element as well as wish to improve continuously.

There are residences out there. As well as there certainly are trainees that need them around, as well. Studentacco is the typical freeway that makes the journey in between both much less chaotic as well as far more easy.