A Host Of Roofs, All Under One Roof covering!

Long gone are the days when the only circumstances tormenting the minds of students were troublesome coursework and pulling all- nighters. Times are such that also securing excellent marks doesn’t guarantee a seamless admission process. Actually, percentages and qualities flag off a whole lot of other problems- one of the most popular amongst them being the contentious concern of having an area over one’s head and 4 walls around oneself. This ends up being an also greater concern when one factors in the truths and figures. A survey that subsumed the top 20 universities of India in terms of registrations showed concerning 5 million students who are at the brink of acquiring college. Out of this lot, merely 63% (46% regional students as well as 17% that use institutional lodging) have their real estate needs looked after. Close to 83% of outstation students continue to be in the lurch concerning holiday accommodation as well as rely mainly on PGs as well as rental flats. Among all these fears, then, it’s no shock that India’s GER stands at a measly 18%, as contrasted to the significantly higher 26% global degree.

It ‘d be safe to assume that the above suggests a huge market whose need is being satisfied lesser and also minimal by the extremely non- clear institutional accommodation allowance. The alternate offered by unregulated rental market- with its sub par solution, widespread exploitation and also fragmented info- leaves large extent for extreme change by a very digitised mechanism in this market.

Enter StudentAcco, India’s very first 100% students-only accommodation site that brings all the PGs and rental-flat lodging in the student-centric hotspots of Delhi-NCR under one roof covering to assist in an educated, swift and transparent purchase. It’s a brand-new age online aggregator that proffers impressively more than 25,000 accommodations that differ throughout a plethora of measurements and needs.


StudentAcco can be viewed as wearing the function of a virtual counterpart of a very reliable, innovation driven as well as significant broker who looks after determining appropriate buildings, working out with homeowner and gathering proven information concerning the stated homes. In doing so, it effectively creates a service distribution system that promotes increase in criteria concerning pupil lodging out there.

The obligation of surfing, shortlisting and also picking is what eventually falls on the clients i.e. the students. StudentAcco curates such a comprehensive list of residential or commercial properties that it caters to a set of top priorities, including however not restricted to set you back, service criteria, comfort and safety and security. What’s even more if that it doesn’t desert the pupils publish these preliminary actions. There is complete succour offered with step- ins and relocate?-? outs, documents and upkeep.


StudentAcco troubleshoots a host of troubles. It counters the severe lack of student homes and even the inate predisposition versus setting aside holiday accommodations to the young community. Utilizing an intermediate amalgamated platform decreases the threat of cash being forfeited in the hands of volte-face intermediaries. Immaculate qualification of residential or commercial properties pleases the safety and security related concerns of parents. This contentment is better boosted with the 24x7 helpline services supplied by StudentAcco surveillants.

This of its kind combined platform utilizes solid distributor association and also highly-developed innovation to overcome small physical ground connect. Hyper-local concentration paves the way to much better high quality of homes as well as services. Charging no broker agent and listing accommodations that are very easy on trainee’s bags damage all financial barriers. All these go on to proof how Studentacco has its finger on the pulse of Gen Y pupils as well as offering them with what they require as well as what they want.


To declare that the advantages of StudentAcco are unidimensional would certainly be a gross false impression because these branch out to greater than simply the student neighborhood.

As trainees today are more probable to check areas on-line, this exceptionally ingenious market design honors property owners with far better than ever tenancy which after that translates right into 20-30% higher services. It takes over the majority of the straining work on their part, such as that of lessee verification, rent collection and all lawful paraphernalia. Operating in unison with such an organised gamer leads to added trustworthiness as well as utilisation of more industrialized framework and also intelligence.

Investors, also, stand to get tremendously based on profits stream from rental commission as well as tapping of niche market in the organised market which’ll be supported by intensive brand distinction and robust advertising and marketing.


In making the huge jump from formerly being a student real estate center to having metamorphosed right into an aggregator listing lodging, StudentAcco deals with no residential competitors currently. It also has a side over similar worldwide endeavors as it’s the just one on home ground and also can therefore make sure complete physical examination.

The site displays a range of genuine graphes that offer a virtual excursion to the to-be inhabitants. Unlike other unscrupulous resources, these photos are plainly lacking overestimation or eye-washing. Thus cachet is most useful for those that reserve without personal tours. Through the site, individuals can contrast several lodgings as well as also contact proprietors for clearance of doubts. StudentAcco itself offers an ear to all kind of questions coming from the students that can be postured with the website, and also makes certain that the principle of’ caveat emptor’ is maintained.

In-depth summaries of bordering locations, details about utilities as well as assistance with residential issues and arguments with proprietors are other frills related to Studentacco.


At the heart of its lots of bells and also whistles lies StudentAcco’s genuine need to house the student neighborhood. And also to house them well. It efforts to overfill all concerns related to housing at a single click of the finger. It’s case of understanding its target audience inside out discovers ample assistance in its offering of contemporary centers like WiFi solutions, gaudy however long lasting furnishings and validated level mates. This is, certainly, along with prehistoric facilities like food as well as safety and security.

While transitioning into their adult years, unpredictabilities and also uneasiness are par for the course. But real estate require not necessarily cone under this province. It shouldn’t ruin or else perfect college strategies. No much less than a pupils’ messiah, StudentAcco is bound to move on, reinforced by its proclivity for innovative solutions, steady financial facet and wish to enhance continuously.

There are residences out there. As well as there absolutely are trainees that require them available, also. Studentacco is the typical freeway that makes the trip between both much less chaotic as well as much more very easy.