A Host Of Roofs, All Under One Roof covering!

Long gone are the days when the only situations afflicting the minds of trainees were difficult coursework as well as drawing all- nighters. Times are such that also securing great marks doesn’t make sure a smooth admission process. Actually, portions and also qualities flag off a whole lot of other concerns- the most famous amongst them being the controversial issue of having a room over one’s head and also four walls around oneself. This comes to be an also greater problem when one consider the truths and figures. A survey that subsumed the leading 20 universities of India in regards to enrollments indicated concerning 5 million pupils that go to the brink of getting higher education. Out of this whole lot, simply 63% (46% neighborhood students and also 17% who use institutional accommodation) have their real estate needs taken care of. Near to 83% of outstation trainees continue to be in the lurch concerning accommodation as well as count mainly on PGs and also rental apartments. Among all these concerns, then, it’s no shock that India’s GER stands at a measly 18%, as contrasted to the substantially greater 26% global degree.

It would certainly be safe to surmise that the above indicates a huge market whose need is being met lower and also lesser by the really non- clear institutional accommodation allowance. The different offered by unregulated rental market- with its sub par service, prevalent exploitation as well as fragmented info- leaves large extent for radical revolution by a very digitised system in this sector.

Enter StudentAcco, India’s very first 100% students-only accommodation website that brings all the PGs and rental-flat lodging in the student-centric hotspots of Delhi-NCR under one roofing to facilitate an educated, swift and transparent purchase. It’s a new age online collector that proffers remarkably greater than 25,000 accommodations that differ across a wide variety of measurements as well as demands.


StudentAcco can be viewed as donning the role of a virtual equivalent of a very trustworthy, modern technology driven and far-ranging broker who cares for recognizing suitable residential or commercial properties, working out with property owners as well as gathering proven data about the claimed residential properties. In doing so, it successfully produces a solution shipment platform that fosters surge in criteria concerning trainee lodging out there.

The obligation of browsing, shortlisting and choosing is what ultimately falls on the clients i.e. the trainees. StudentAcco curates such a considerable listing of residential properties that it caters to a collection of top priorities, having however not limited to cost, solution criteria, benefit and safety. What’s more if that it does not desert the students upload these initial actions. There is complete succour provided with move- ins and relocate?-? outs, documentation as well as upkeep.


StudentAcco repairs a host of issues. It counters the intense scarcity of student houses and also the inate bias against setting aside accommodations to the young neighborhood. Making use of an intermediate amalgamated system decreases the danger of cash being forfeited in the hands of volte-face middlemen. Immaculate qualification of homes satisfies the safety and security associated worries of parents. This satisfaction is even more enhanced with the 24x7 helpline services supplied by StudentAcco chaperones.

This of its kind unified platform uses strong provider association as well as highly-developed modern technology to conquer small physical ground connect. Hyper-local focus gives way to better high quality of residential properties and also services. Billing no broker agent and also listing holiday accommodations that are easy on trainee’s bags break all financial obstacles. All these take place to evidence exactly how Studentacco has its finger on the pulse of Gen Y students and also offering them with what they need along with what they want.


To assert that the benefits of StudentAcco are unidimensional would be a gross misinterpretation since these branch out to more than simply the trainee area.

As trainees today are more likely to check places on-line, this extremely innovative market design honors property owners with better than ever before occupancy which then translates right into 20-30% higher leasings. It takes control of a lot of the straining deal with their part, such as that of tenant confirmation, rent collection as well as all legal paraphernalia. Operating in unison with such an arranged player causes included reliability and also exercise of even more established framework and also intellect.

Financiers, too, stand to get immensely based upon profits stream from rental payment as well as touching of niche market in the ordered market which’ll be sustained by extensive brand name differentiation as well as robust advertising.


In making the gigantic leap from previously being a student real estate facility to having actually transfigured right into a collector listing accommodation, StudentAcco deals with no residential competitors presently. It also has an edge over similar worldwide endeavors as it’s the only one on house ground and can hence make certain detailed physical inspection.

The internet site displays a selection of genuine visual representations that offer a digital scenic tour to the to-be inhabitants. Unlike other unethical resources, these images are plainly without overestimation or eye-washing. Thus cachet is most valuable for those that reserve without personal tours. With the site, individuals can contrast multiple holiday accommodations and also get in touch with proprietors for clearance of doubts. StudentAcco itself lends an ear to all kind of questions coming from the pupils that can be posed with the website, and ensures that the principle of’ caveat emptor’ is supported.

Comprehensive summaries of surrounding locations, info concerning energies and assistance with residential problems as well as disputes with landlords are other fuss associated with Studentacco.


At the heart of its numerous bells and whistles lies StudentAcco’s genuine desire to house the pupil neighborhood. And to house them well. It endeavours to satiate all concerns associated with real estate at a single click of the finger. It’s insurance claim of recognizing its target market inside out finds ample support in its offering of modern centers like WiFi solutions, gaudy yet sturdy furnishings and also verified flat companions. This is, obviously, along with prehistoric services like food and also safety and security.

While transitioning right into the adult years, unpredictabilities and also uneasiness are par for the course. However housing require not always cone under this province. It shouldn’t ruin or else ideal college strategies. No much less than a students’ messiah, StudentAcco is bound to progress, reinforced by its proclivity for creative remedies, stable financial aspect and desire to improve continually.

There are homes out there. And also there certainly are trainees that need them out there, too. Studentacco is the typical highway that makes the journey in between both far less disorderly and much more easy.