Systemware, Inc., an industry pioneer in enterprise content management, has announced the latest release and availability of Systemware Check Image Manager. The Systemware Check Image Manager is a fast and scalable solution enabling the secure capture, storage, and retrieval of images for financial services. The Check Image Manager runs within Systemware Content Cloud, utilizing the robust capture service and records management capabilities of Content Cloud which allows completion of the document lifecycle from a single platform.   The Systemware Check Image Manager can support high-volume image capture in both batch and streaming modes and is immediately accessible through any of the access and retrieval channels within Content Cloud. Systemware also offers the Check Image Manager as a managed service.  Systemware Content Cloud utilizes a node-based architecture for deployment, allowing the benefits of efficient and elastic scalability across its services. Sets of nodes are created for each service in Check Image Manager — capture, storage, and delivery — and these nodes can span both infrastructure and geographic regions. Each set of nodes can dynamically scale up to add additional nodes if demand increases and, subsequently, reduce back down during low-volume times.   For more information about the Systemware Check Image Manager, contact us to speak with a content services expert at 866.533.1514.  Source: Systemware, Inc.