VirtoSoftware understands that remote work is a new reality, a work style that is going to stay for a long time. Working remotely, employees have to schedule all conversations that they used to have over a cup of coffee, and it packs the calendar up like never before. People end up sitting in front of laptops for 8-10 hours non-stop. VirtoSoftware announces the launch of the Virto MakeSomeBreak online application. Now MS Teams users can install the MakeSomeBreak App and plan breaks between their calls and meetings or school lessons in Teams. Even if a schedule is overloaded, now users have a unique opportunity to plan a moment free and stay efficient with MakeSomeBreak for MS Teams.   To start working with the app, users should follow just two steps: Step 1. Find MakeSomeBreak in the Apps of MS Teams. Step 2. Add it to your Teams site. With MakeSomeBreak by VirtoSoftware users of MS Teams receive a great opportunity of planning breaks in their calendar with a single click. 

When a user’s schedule, no matter if this is an office worker or a student, is overloaded with calls and meetings and there’s no chance to have a rest, MakeSomeBreak is the solution. The MakeSomeBreak app scans the Teams calendar and sends blockers to reserve breaks between the meetings. No more fried brain; rest is planned the same way as work time.  Users can add breaks as far in the calendar as they need. They just go forward to plan them. Planned worktime - planned breaks.  The app settings allow users to define the length of a single meeting or a break. This helps to organize the schedule according to the user preferences.   And even more to offer, MakeSomeBreak users can exclude some events, filtered by a keyword, from adding a break. For example, if a user has lunch in the Teams calendar, he can simply exclude it to avoid additional breaks.

Source: VirtoSoftware